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Designing the journey

Let's face it, when it comes to media, we're at saturation point. Every man and his dog has a website for their business and a copy of PowerPoint to populate it with. But ubiquity doesn’t equate to quality and to cut through the noise we need to be smart about how we present ourselves to the outside world. 

42 Square are a multi-disciplinary design studio with a 30 year heritage. We love design, we love writing and we love tech, but most of all we love delivering great work. Whether online, offline, above the line or below: we're a creative thoroughbred with media in our blood. 

As with most great journeys it starts with a conversation. Maybe you're a seasoned marketing professional with a multinational brand. Or maybe you're an SME business owner trying to get your head around the bewildering marketing choices available to you. Either way, we pride ourselves on our ability to get inside your brand so we can work as a team.

We don't have flashy west-end offices, or hot and cold running accounts execs; but what we do have in abundance is skill, experience and energy. If you'd like to see how 42 Square can help navigate your journey, then we'd love to hear from you, the kettle's always on and the door's always open.

Skype: brandscience